Love is in the air!

Our Philosophy:

 It is our belief that each child is a gift from God and that it is our privilege and duty to meet each child's individual needs. It is our desire to nurture your child by giving lots of hugs and loving care. It is also our duty to guide and help your child develop and grow into the totally unique special person that he or she was meant to be. With the help of qualified teachers, a quality program and a challenging curriculum we hope to make their learning experience a happy and exciting one. 




 At Top of the World Preschool, your baby will receive personalized care. Our Infant rooms are designed with safety, comfort, low noise and low stress in mind. Allowing a group size of only 4 infants in a class room, the low noise level provides a calm and stimulating environment for your baby. 



 Our toddler rooms are designed with safety, comfort, and low stress in mind. We have low ratios that allow our teachers to engage in group learning and provide each child ample one on one time. Toddlers are walking, running and starting to explore the world around them.  

Early Preschool


 Our early preschool program is designed to help your child be prepared to learn basics such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and vocabulary words. In our Character Development program, teachers use puppets and other tools to introduce a different character trait each month. 



 Small Group Academic Instruction is part of the daily Preschool schedule and gives teachers an opportunity implement our S.L.A.M.M. curriculum in small groups while other children rotate independently through other learning centers 

Pre- K


Since Top of the World Preschool opened its doors here 11 years ago, we have worked hand in hand with local districts to ensure every child's smooth transition between our Pre-Kindergarten program to local public and private Kindergarten classrooms. 

Before and After Care


 As a working parent, your schedule simply doesn’t match that of your child. You can’t leave work early to pick up your child after school, but you need to make sure your child is well cared-for, safe, and secure. So how do you handle those hours between the time school ends and the time you can get home? 

Extra curricular

Extra curricular activities


We offer convenient hours and excellent prices so your child can truly enjoy all of our extra curricular activities. 

Currently we offer:

  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Soccer

For more information and pricing please contact the office . 

Soccer Shots



Classes will run for 10 weeks. The last scheduled class (5/30) will  also be our Soccer Shots Showcase Day where we invite the parents to come see what their child has learned this season.  And as always, if we have to cancel a class for weather or any reason, we do add in two weeks of make up classes at the end of the season.  

Master Kim Tae Kwon do


 We have partnered with Master Kim to offer a great program at a great price!
The benefit of Martial arts classes at Master H Kim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do:

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Professional instructors
  • Modern, state-of-the-art facilities
  • A positive and encouraging atmosphere




Food and Nutrition

At Top of the World preschool we are proud to have a wonderful chef that prepares fresh meals for your child everyday.

Did you know:

  • ​Different home cooked meals everyday
  • Fresh food cooked daily
  • Rated 100% by the City of McKinney Health Department several years in a row
  • ​Commercial Kitchen on site
  • Tailored meals prepared for kids with allergies
  • All Meals included in your tuition (Breakfast, snacks and lunch



At Top of the world security is one of our top priorities. Every classroom has a camera that records everyday! We have incorporated BRIGHTWHEEL Software, you can sign in and out your children. RING camera system as well 


  • Effortless communication

  • ​Real-Time updates
  • ​Swift & secure
  • ​Painless Billing and payment



 We feel very grateful to have our one-year old twin sons in Top of the World Preschool. In our experience, each day we are comforted in the knowledge that our sons receive loving, nurturing care in a safe, home-away-from-home. The facility is sparkling clean and welcoming. The developmentally appropriate curriculum  has impacted our curious boys! We sense  the emphasis  on creativity and individuality from teacher to teacher and room to room. If you are a parent of multiples, Top of the World is highly capable of providing one-on-one attention. We appreciate
the daily personal feedback reports, monthly newsletters and calendars. We treasure the relationship  we have built over the year with the teacher and Management. They love our sons like family members would. Top of the World is the Top for us!

                                                                    -Julie Leal 
                                            4th grade teacher