Pre- K

 Since Top of the World Preschool opened its doors here 11 years ago, we have worked hand in hand with local districts to ensure every child's smooth transition between our Pre-Kindergarten program to local public and private Kindergarten classrooms. When you enroll your child in Top of the World Preschool School’s Pre-Kindergarten Program they will gain exceptional skills for academic fulfillment and a love of learning.

Science and Technology: In our Science program your Pre-Kindergartener will study the different environments around the world and the animals that inhabit them. Pre-Kindergarteners also move on to a more in depth technology lesson in our onsite Science and Technology Lab after being introduced to the basic computer etiquette in our Preschool program.

Language Arts: We offer further educational diversity with foreign language enrichment. In our Pre-Kindergarten program our students learn phrases and questions in another language that help describe themselves or learn more about others. An example of your child’s daily lesson would include asking ‘“How old are you?” and replying “I am four years old.” in the foreign language for that week.  

Art Appreciation: As we prepare our students for the next stage in their educational career we begin to teacher control when coloring or painting a master piece! Our Pre-Kindergarten student’s master free drawing shapes, letters, and numbers without the use of tracing assistants.

Music: Being a part of our Pre-Kindergarten program means we have now moved on to the advanced levels of our music program. Your child is learning rhythmic patterns and can now mimic rhythms played out loud. Poetry is introduced as well, our students identify rhyming words, the type of poem, and even create their own rhyming works of art!

Math: In preparation for Kindergarten our mathematics program focuses on all aspects of your child’s cognitive development. Our Pre-Kindergartener’s learn to recognize complex concepts of left to right and top to bottom patterns and the association between numbers displayed in word form as well as numerical form.

Top of the World Preschool organizes our highly acclaimed S.L.A.M.M curriculum while engaging in fun activities guided by highly trained educators. Our teachers go above and beyond to nurture and foster the cognitive and social development of every child. Our Pre-Kindergartners are taught to convey needs and wants to ensure their social and emotional needs are met on a higher level.