Our toddler rooms are designed with safety, comfort, and low stress in mind. We have low ratios that allow our teachers to engage in group learning and provide each child ample one on one time. Toddlers are walking, running and starting to explore the world around them.  

Physical Development: Very young children develop at a fast pace and require gross motor activities to help build and fine-tune their motor function. We offer multiple Center Based developmental activities for your toddler. Before graduating to our Early Preschool program your toddler will master running, eating using utensils, grasping objects, and using their finger to thumb motion to pick up small items.  Your child will also graduate from a bottle to a regular open top cup.

Cognitive Development: Through verbal exchanges, singing songs, playing music, and imitating sounds we encourage your toddler to explore the world around them. We also encourage exploring objects of varying size, shape, color, texture, and sound.

Social Stimulation: By interacting with familiar people and each other, Toddlers at Top of the World Preschool will receive reassurance and nurture at all times. Our caregivers offer a gentle touch and a calm voice while encouraging friendly play. You will notice your child’s vocabulary increase from 5-10 words to around 150 words. In addition to your child’s growing vocabulary, your toddler will also be taught sign language. Sign language reduces the frustration of being unable to communicate for children and their parents.

Art Work: Artistic Logistics’ the natural abilities and talents within each child is one way Top of the World Preschool helps your child become well-rounded. Drawing, music, and dance encourage self-expression and enrich the classroom experience.

Evaluations: In order for us to track your child's developmental progress, we evaluate each child throughout the year. We use these evaluations to plan appropriate curriculum for each classroom. We can review areas that have been mastered, and work harder on areas that have not yet been mastered. Evaluations are available to the parents at any time and copies will be sent home at the end of each semester.

    At top of the World Preschool we pride on our education. Our trained teachers will help stimulate the development and creativity of your child. With the help of our open communication policy we will also schedule parent teacher conferences at the end of each semester. If the need arises please feel free to schedule a parent teacher conference at any point during the semester by contacting the director or your child’s teacher