At Top of the World Preschool, your baby will receive personalized care. Our Infant rooms are designed with safety, comfort, low noise and low stress in mind. Allowing a group size of only 4 infants in a class room, the low noise level provides a calm and stimulating environment for your baby. 

Infant care

 Our teacher’s top priority is to keep your baby’s schedule as consistent as possible with the home schedule. You as the parent will receive a form each month to write down your child’s daily care instructions. The information you provide us with includes times for bottles/milk, nap times, and the types of food your child can have. This helps to keep your child’s daily routine consistent and you can completely personalize your babies care!

Every day your receive via Smartcare system notifications of all feedings, naps, and diaper changes throughout the day!


 At Top of the World Preschool we pride ourselves on our curriculum. Infant teachers provide multiple activities throughout the day to promote physical and mental development. The milestones your baby reaches while in our infant program will insure success once your child graduates to our toddler program. 

Physical stimulation

 Young babies are developing at a very rapid pace at this stage. We introduce activities to help build and fine-tune basic motor functions. Simple activities such as offering objects at a distance are introduced to enhance movement in small and large muscle groups and promote concentration skills.

Social development:

 Through interaction with familiar people babies receive reassurance and nurturing at all times. Our caregivers offer gentle touch and a calm voice. We also introduce sign language to your baby and continue to teach them new signs until the reach our preschool classrooms. By learning sign language your child will be able to communicate before they are able to speak reducing the frustrations of not being able to express their needs. 

Cognitive stimulation

 Through verbal exchanges, playing music, and making various noises, we guide your infant to explore the size, shape, color, texture, movement, position, and sound of different objects. They also enjoy rides in our strollers to enjoy fresh air when the weather allows, and a stroller ride indoors when the weather is less favorable.

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