Top of the World Exclusive Curriculum

 At Top of the World preschool we create an environment that optimizes learning. We know that a child’s entire day is filled with opportunities to grow. Our teachers care, observe, and respond to help create a rich, and fun experience. To facilitate in our journey to help children learn and develop needed skills we have created a curriculum called S.L.A.M.M. Our S.L.A.M.M curriculum provides 52 weeks of exploration in Science, Language Arts, Art Appreciation, Mathematics, and Music. All learners are presented with multi-sensory activities that will spark creativity, and further knowledge about the world around them. 


• Science and technology (using different tools, and materials to create and investigate)

 • Engineering (using different tools, and materials to build and create) 

• Healthy living habits 

• Animals and Environments

 • Hands on experiences to help them build a natural understanding of the world around them. 

Language Arts

 • Identify letters and sounds 

• Introduction to different forms of literature including books, and poetry. 

• Daily activities that will help your child progress to verbally speaking in proper sentences, begin to recognize sight words, and identify letters by sound. 

Art Appreciation

• Exercise creativity and imagination

 • Study different works of art

 • Learn about colors and different ways to incorporate them into their art

 • Use different tools, and materials to create and build fine motor skills 


 • Our mathematics program focuses on all aspects of your child’s cognitive development.

 • They will be able to write, draw and recognize basic shapes, and numbers. 


 • Music and movement are a very important aspect of your child’s development.

 • Different forms of music will be introduced at Circle Time and throughout the day including nursery rhymes and classical music. 

To make sure your child is successful on their learning journey we have incorporated Multiculturalism and Social skills at Top of the World preschool. We introduce a new character building exercises each week which include such concepts as honesty, respect, and responsibility. As they strengthen each one of these they will find their independence, learn to work well with others, and build lasting relationships.